Vision Zero Continues Speed Reductions on a Section of East Washington Avenue


Included as part of the 2022 roadway improvements for Vision Zero, new speed limit reductions will occur for several Madison streets identified as having a high level of injury causing crashes. The first one scheduled begins on Monday, July 25, on a section of East Washington Avenue. This portion of the roadway, east of Stoughton Road, will see the posted speed limit reduced to 35 mph.

Data shows that since 2015, twelve people suffered serious injuries and four people have died in traffic crashes along this section of East Washington. In 2020-2021, two people died attempting to cross the street along this section of East Washington Avenue. Studies show that lowering the speed limit by even 5 mph helps increase the safety of all who use our city streets, especially people walking or biking.

Speed has a major impact on the number of crashes and injury severity.

  • It increases the distance a vehicle travels from the time a driver detects an emergency to the time the driver reacts.
  • It increases the distance needed to stop a vehicle once the driver starts to brake.
  • It increases the risk that an evasive steering maneuver will result in loss of control.

“Lowering the speed limit on this stretch of roadway will make it safer for everyone who lives and travels in this area,” said Yang Tao, Head of City of Madison’s Traffic Engineering Division. “Slowing down is safer for you, your loved ones and your neighbors. Together we can make Madison a safer place to travel.”

Additional streets scheduled for speed limit reductions in 2022 include:
  • John Nolen Drive
    • North Shore Dr to Lakeside St (reduced to 35 mph from 45 mph)
  • Mineral Point Rd
    • Whitney Way to Beltline (reduced to 35 mph from 40 mph)
  • Old Sauk Rd
    • Beltline to Westfield Rd (reduced to 30 mph from 35 mph)
  • Portage Rd
    • E Washington Ave to Hanson Rd (reduced to 25 mph from 30 mph)
  • Segoe Rd
    • University Ave to Odana Rd (reduced to 25 mph from 30 mph)

For each of these changes, along with updated permanent signs, staff will place temporary digital signboards in the area to remind drivers of the speed limit changes.

What is Vision Zero?
Vision Zero is a data driven strategy intended to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on City streets by 2035 while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. For more information about the City of Madison’s Vision Zero initiative and to sign up for Vision Zero news updates, please visit the Vision Zero website.



Image of a map showing a yellow line along the speed reduction area for E Washington Ave.
Image of a road with yellow line markings saying "Drive Safe" with the round Vision Zero logo
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