2022 Summer Strategic Plan: How things are going two months in


For the past two months, the Madison Police Department has been focused on reducing shots fired calls, stolen auto incidents and hazardous driving.

These three areas are the main priorities outlined in the department’s 2022 summer strategic plan.

“Data and statistics show these incidents typically increase during the summer months here in Madison. By making them a department-wide priority, we are using all available resources to limit their impact on community safety,” said Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes.

The goal for the year is to reduce each crime by 15%.

In order to meet these goals, employees are working daily to identify “hot spots” when it comes to shots fired and stolen autos. Data analysts are reviewing these incidents in real time and notifying department leadership immediately when a problem area emerges. Additional resources, such as extra patrols and specialty units, are then assigned to those areas. Since the start of the 2022 strategic plan, Madison has yet to see a repeat hot spot.

“We want everyone to feel safe in our community. Our efforts so far show our department is responsive to high priority crimes that affect safety,” Barnes said.

When it comes to hazardous driving, the department identified three roads in the city that see a high number of injury crashes each year. Through the strategic plan, the department hopes to reduce injury crashes by 15% on Mineral Point Road, East Washington Avenue and the Beltline.

Traffic enforcement has increased along those roads. Officers are specifically looking for driving behaviors, such as speeding and zooming in and out of traffic, that can often lead to injury crashes.

The summer plan began June 1 and runs until Oct. 31. The plan’s effectiveness will then be reviewed and studied by department leadership.

“Studying how this summer’s plan went allows us to set better goals as a department as we head into 2023,” Barnes said. “We always want to grow and find the best ways to serve you and keep Madison the great community it is.”


Drone image showing downtown Madison.
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