Membership and leadership changes at the Police Civilian Oversight Board


At their December 8, 2022, meeting, the Police Civilian Oversight Board (PCOB) said goodbye to some of its inaugural members, acknowledged and thanked outgoing members and leadership, and said hello to five new Board members and the new Independent Police Monitor. This was the first in-person meeting of the Board, which had previously met and operated virtually since its start in late 2020.

Exiting Chair Keetra Burnette spoke at the meeting about the history of the Board and her excitement of what is to come, including the recent start of the new Independent Police Monitor and the new Office of Independent Monitor (OIM) getting up and running. “The welcoming of new members to fill vacancies, the smooth transition of leadership, and the first days of the OIM; are evidence of the enduring health, impact, and importance of the PCOB.” said the new Independent Police Monitor, Robert Copley.

The Board also elected Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores as interim Chair and Jacquelyn Hunt as interim Vice Chair. Their leadership terms will expire in June of 2023, when the Board will elect a Chair and Vice Chair for full one-year terms. With the two leadership positions filled, the Board will now take nominations and elect three members to the Executive Sub-Committee at the next PCOB meeting on January 19, 2023.

As the terms for out-going members Ankita Bharadwaj, Anthony Cooper, Ananda Deacon, Keith Findley, and Sheray Wallace came to an end, five new members and the Independent Police Monitor attended their first meeting. Melani Quarles, Rodney Saunders Jr., and Jaylin Stueber were welcomed to the Board as new regular members. Michelle Miller and Carlotta Calmese were welcomed as alternate members.

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