Joint Statement by Madison Mayor and Alders Related to Recent Racist Video


On Monday, a video of an UW-Madison student engaging in racist language targeting Black students on campus became public and went viral. We recognize the trauma caused by such statements and strongly condemn the harmful sentiments expressed in the video.

We support Black student organizers and allies who have built coalitions across campus to build solidarity and advocate for a vision of a stronger campus and Madison community, where hatred and bias have no refuge. We encourage the University to listen deeply and take meaningful action to support these students. All students deserve to feel welcomed and supported at our institutions of higher learning, our great City, and state; all institutions must work harder to make sure this aspiration becomes a reality. We commit ourselves to uplift the voices of the UW Black community and advance our shared mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the City of Madison.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway
Alder John Duncan, District 1
Alder Julianna Bennett, District 2
Alder Derek Field, District 3
Alder Mike Verveer, District 4
Alder Regina Vidaver, District 5
Alder Marcia Rummel, District 6
Alder Nasra Wehelie, District 7
Alder MGR Govindarajan, District 8
Alder Nikki Conklin, District 9
Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole, District 10
Alder Bill Tishler, District 11
Alder Amani Latimer Burris, District 12
Alder Tag Evers, District 13
Alder Isadore Knox, District 14
Alder Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford, District 15
Alder Jael Currie, District 16
Alder Sabrina Madison, District 17
Alder Charles Myadze, District 18
Alder Kristen Slack, District 19

*Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney, District 20 is currently out of town.

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