Third-party service to help MPD with emergency detention transportation


MADISON, Wis. – Starting in June, the Madison Police Department will use a third-party service for emergency detention transports to Winnebago Mental Health Facility.

The pilot program was approved in this year’s operating budget as a way to keep more officers in Madison responding to calls.

Traditionally, transport cases take two officers out of the mix for long periods of time. These officers spend hours waiting on a patient’s placement then hours driving when that placement is halfway across the state.

The new pilot program allows MPD to work with REDI Transports, a driving service company created to assist law enforcement agencies. REDI staff are allowed to transport any patient in police custody to Winnebago. This includes cases when someone is involuntarily committed, Chapter 51 returns and other Chapter 51 transports such as alcohol commitments.

“Our officers love serving in their community. And these transports can take them out of the city for hours,” said Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes. “This switch also helps the patients. Sitting in the back of a squad car, for hours at a time, could fuel their crisis.”

Madison officers will remain at a local hospitals until a patient is medically cleared for transport. Protective custody will then be transferred to REDI during the trip and picked up by Winnebago upon patient arrival.

REDI was selected after a competitive proposal process. The pilot program will run through the summer.



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