Follow Posted Parking Restrictions to Help Ongoing Snowstorm Cleanup


Starting on Monday, January 15 and continuing throughout winter, the Streets Division will be using the posted daytime parking restrictions to prevent streets from narrowing due to the accumulating snow.

The Streets Division asks that all residents that park on the street to please follow these posted restrictions in order to help plow drivers work as they push the snow back, so the roads can remain passable for all traffic throughout the rest of winter. 

As snow piles up, cars park further and further out from the curb, creeping out into the travel lane.  This makes it where certain streets can become impassable for emergency service vehicles (like fire trucks and ambulances) essential services (like recycling and trash collection trucks), and also just normal passenger vehicles.  The only way for the streets to be widened so they can be safe for travel are for people to follow the posted parking signs so plowbacks can be performed. 

Additional Information

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Example of a Daytime Parking Restriction Sign:

The image below is an example of a daytime parking restriction sign.  Day of the week and timing of the restriction will vary by area.  Check the signage where you park to be sure you are in compliance, or choose an off-street option if available. 


A no parking sign that says No Parking 10:30am - 2:00pm.  There are many signs like this in Madison for each day of the week.
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