Limit mowing to twice in the next month as part of Low Mow May 2024

Dandelions in grass

The City of Madison is asking people to support our local pollinators by limiting mowing practices in the next month as part of Low Mow May 2024.

Similar to last year, the City is encouraging property owners to raise their mowing decks and limit mowing for the next month. In doing so, pollinators will have more time to take advantage of the taller grass and native plants and flowers that may spring up with less frequent mowing.

“Some mowing is still acceptable as these lawn flowers are able to re-sprout and flower again,” City of Madison Stormwater Vegetation Coordinator Maddie Dumas said. “These early flowers help pollinators when they emerge hungry from hibernation in spring.”

Lawns that are four to five inches tall and have other plants like dandelions, clover, violets and Creeping Charlie present give pollinators much-needed access to pollen and nectar. In order to give those plants an opportunity re-sprout and flower, if you are mowing in May, it is recommended to do so twice during the month instead of every seven to 10 days. 

How you can help during Low Mow May

In addition to limiting mowing during the month of May, you can use these resources to find more ways to help Madison’s pollinators:

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