Booster Pump Station 115 Upgrade - Project Complete

Last Updated: 04/05/2017

Booster Pump Station 115 (BPS 115), located near East Towne Mall,  has provided water for decades to a large area known as Pressure Zone 6E, extending generally from the Yahara River to I-39/90/94 and from Pflaum Road to the northern city limits. Upgrading BPS 115 allows it to provide water to a second pressure zone, Pressure Zone 3, east of the Interstate. The change mitigates chronic low pressure problems for that area and provides better fire protection for  homes and businesses in both zones. Madison Water Utility has also added a backup generator for the facility. Construction began in April of 2015 and was completed in November, 2015, within the estimated budget of $1.1 million.

BPS 115 before after

Latest News - Project completion

The project is complete as of early November 2015.  In the first days of August 2015 the station began pumping water to an expanded area after being off-line for construction for over a month.  The emergency back-up generator was tested and put into service in September and by early November the generator fencing and site restoration were completed.  The project met all of its objectives and is now serving residents and businesses on the east side of Madison with increased pressure and greater reliability and redundancy in both domestic supply and fire protection.

How community input impacted the project:

Based on input from neighbors, we made the following changes to the site and to our project plans:

  • The generator was relocated closer to the pump station to increase screening and reserve open space
  • The generator fence material was changed to brick and the height increased to improve screening and noise control
  • The generator was re-designed to exhaust upwards for noise and exhaust control
  • The ash trees were treated against Emerald Ash Borer infestation by a professional arborist
  • The reservoir was pressure washed

Take a look at photos of the upgraded booster pump station below:

motor control cntr before and after

Upgraded pumps

new interior piping and control valves

BPS 115 new generator inside its noise attenuating enclosure

Generator Fencing

Project Background

Booster Pumping Station 115 (BPS 115) is located in the Bunker Hill neighborhood across from East Towne Mall, serving Pressure Zone 6E. The Station has three pumps and a 3 million gallon ground-level reservoir. The facility provides localized low pressure relief in the Bunker Hill area and critical fire flow supply to the East Towne Shopping Center commercial area.

The 2006 Water Utility Master Plan recommended upgrades to BPS 115 to meet several objectives. The first recommendation was to convert the area around BPS 115 to the higher-pressure Pressure Zone 3 (generally east of Interstate 39/90/94) to mitigate chronic low pressure problems. The second recommendation was to reconfiguration the Station to serve as a redundant supply point to Zone 3 from BPS 115 while continuing to provide fire protection to the East Towne Mall area. In essence, the project will allow BPS 115 to serve both Zone 6 and Zone 3 to the benefit of both zones. These two objectives will be realized in conjunction with a separate pipeline improvement project also planned for 2015 construction. A third objective is to ensure reliability of operation at BPS 115 by adding a back-up power generator to the facility. This will ensure that the station will be able to operate through power outages providing water service and fire protection to both Pressure Zone 6 and Zone 3.

The scope of the proposed project includes:

  • Conversion of one existing lower pressure Zone 6 pump to a higher-pressure Zone 3 pump
  • Addition of one high-pressure Zone 3 pump
  • Addition of a stand-by generator
  • Fencing, landscaping and site restoration
  • Discharge water main piping from the pump station to the facility property lines
  • Miscellaneous station upgrades related to security, lighting, electrical controls, etc.

A separate project to install new water mains from the booster station along Independence Lane, Declaration Lane, Bunker Hill Lane and Hayes Road will be under construction concurrently with the booster station upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project’s anticipated schedule?

  • Final design completed in fall 2014
  • Ground breaking is scheduled for April 2015
  • Project completion in fall 2015.

What is the project’s estimated cost?

  • The facility cost estimate is $1,000,000
  • The engineering cost estimate is $100,000

Will I experience water shut-offs or service interruptions due to this project?

  •  Though the facility may be shut down for short periods, there are no planned disruptions to  service

How will the project change the look of the facility?

  • A generator will be installed off the east side of the existing pump house; a new driveway will connect it to the street
  • The generator will be housed in an approximately 30’ x 10’ enclosure and concealed with a wood and brick fence
  • The pump station building exterior will remain unchanged

Will the generator be noisy?  How often will it run?

  • The generator enclosure includes silencing baffles and an upwardly directed exhaust port
  • City ordinance requires no more than 70 decibels at the property line; about that of a residential air conditioning unit.  We expect the noise level to be comfortably below the requirement.
  • The generator will be run approximately once a month for 2-3 hours as part of its regular maintenance

How will the project affect traffic in the neighborhood?

  • Roads will remain open in both directions although there will be occasional restrictions to one lane or very short duration closures to allow for the delivery of materials and equipment.
  • Expect three to four days of concrete pours with steady truck traffic
  • More than usual traffic in and out of the site for the duration of the project

Past Meetings/Additional Information

April 2014: The Madison Common Council authorized the City/Madison Water Utility to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Baxter Woodman, Inc. for the preparation of drawings and specifications, permitting, bidding, and construction administration for the Utility’s upgrade of BPS 115 located at 4701 Bunker Hill Lane (17th Alder District).

June 2014: Project design kick-off meeting begins the preliminary design phase (meeting minutes)

August 2014:  An on-site public informational meeting was held (meeting handout)