Four Installments

The three most important things to remember about the new system are:

  • There will be no effect for the majority of property owners who pay all of their taxes in December, so that they can itemize the deduction on their Federal income tax
  • The four due dates will be: January 31st, March 31st, May 31st, and July 31st. Taxpayers can pay whatever they like at any time as long as they meet the accumulated minimums by those due dates
  • All payments on current taxes will be made to the City Treasurer; no longer will taxpayers pay the city for one installment and the county for the other.

Depending on the specific bill, it is generally not a matter of taking your total taxes and dividing by four. Special charges, credits, and other factors will determine the exact amount of each installment. To help explain all of these variations, please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Scenarios. Property owners can expect their tax bill the first week of December.

Do you still have a question that was not answered? Please call the City Treasurer's Office at (608) 266-4771.