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Visual Bike Counters Data

The City of Madison has two automated visual bike counters. One is located just northeast of the intersection of Regent and Monroe Streets. The second counter is located on the Capital City Path along John Nolen Drive just east of the intersection with the Brittingham Park Path. Both counters display the number of daily and annual bicyclists who cross at the location. These Counters also serve as a welcoming gateway sign and bicyclists can see that they are part of the larger cycling community. Many people enjoy trying to be the first person each morning or just stopping to take a selfie with the counter.

Other City Bike Count Data

The City also has a number of other locations that use detection in the path to count bicycles. These bike counters are not automated so the data is not available on a daily basis. Instead the bike counts are collected annually and data is reported the represents the daily average for Monday-Friday bike volumes during the months of April-October.

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