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The Bike Madison Conversations are closed and City staff are reviewing ideas.

Your ideas and votes will help us develop the themes for making Madison an even better place to bicycle. The community bicycling conversation on What Makes Madison A Great Place To Bicycle will take place in May and June. A follow up conversation on What Would Make Madison An Even Better Place To Bicycle will take place in July and August.

Places To Ride

Madison has a lot of places to ride, from bike paths to the loop around Lake Monona, the Arboretum, quiet streets like Kendall and Mifflin, to rides out of the city to places like Paoli and nearby mountain bike trails at Cam-Rock, Badger Prairie and others. Tell us where you like to ride to get around town to get out, to get some exercise, for fun, for any reason.

Information on Bicycling

Where do you go to get information about bicycling in Madison? How do you find out about places to ride, people to ride with, bicycle gear, bike safety, etc. The city's BikeMadison website, bike shops, bicycle clubs and organizations, friends, other.

Reasons to Ride

People ride bicycles for transportation, recreation, exercise and fun, for a variety of reasons. Why do you ride? Some things we hear include because it's easy thanks to bike paths, bike lanes, community development patterns that allow you to ride on low traffic streets, destinations are close enough that bicycling is time efficient, cost of parking a car, lots of other people bike - bicycling is accepted in Madison, it's fun.

Bike Culture / Events

There are lots of events and bicycle related clubs and organizations in Madison. Even if you do not participate in any of these, they help bring exposure and legitimacy to bicycling. What do think of these in terms of having a positive impact on bicycling in Madison. Examples include Ride the Drive, Bike To Work Week, Ironman, MS Ride, AIDS Ride, Bike the Barns, Horribly Hilly Hundreds, Bombay Bicycle Club rides, Wednesday Night Rides, Full Moon Rides, Alley Cat Rides, Winter Bike To Work Week, Races on the Capitol Square, Wheels on Willy, Bike-O-Rama, Critical Mass Rides, Car Free Challenge, Naked Bike Ride, cLips of Faith, Bike Swap, Bike Polo, Unicycling, and more.

Other Thoughts

What other things do you like about bicycling in Madison? Add to the general topic ideas!