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The City of Madison and Dane County now operate a disposal site for household hazardous waste called Clean Sweep.

We all use potentially hazardous products in our homes. Some products are very dangerous and require special care. Other products pose little threat to the user but are a danger to the environment when they are improperly disposed.

Before you purchase any potentially hazardous substance, check our list of safe alternatives. Please consider these alternatives because the best way to handle toxic material is to eliminate their use.

If you find that these alternatives do not work remember to only buy enough product to do the job. Buying hazardous material in large quantities is generally more wasteful and not as cost effective as buying what you need to do the job. You can also come to the Clean Sweep site and see if we have any products on hand that will do the job. At the Clean Sweep Materials Exchange we have many household chemicals available free of charge.
2302 Fish Hatchery Road
(at the north end of the Dane County Highway Garage)
Phone: (608) 243-0368
Waste Watchers