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The Streets Division is responsible for basic street repair such as filling potholes and repairing minor damage. We also supervise the chip sealing of unimproved streets.

Major street projects such as reconstruction and resurfacing are the responsibility of City Engineering.


The Streets Division conducts an annual chip seal program on unimproved streets. Unimproved streets are streets without curb and gutter.

Chip sealing involves applying a layer of oil to the street and covering it with surfacing material, generally a layer of small stones. After the oil has cured (approximately five to ten days) excess material will be swept by a mechanical street sweeper.

Additional chip sealing operations are performed by City Engineering. For more information - and the complete list of streets receiving this treatment - vist their website.

There is no charge to property owners for chip sealing.



The following unimproved streets are scheduled for chip sealing in 2016

East Side

Street From


Leo Drive Vernon Ave Fleetwood Ave
Vernon Ave Cottage Grove Rd

Leo Dr

Ferris Ave Bonnie Ln Acewood Blvd
Meredithe Ave Acewood Blvd Fleetwood Ave
Fleetwood Ave Meredithe Ave 610' south of Meredithe Ave
Drexel Ave Cottage Grove Rd Morningside Ave
Major Ave Davidson St east end
Hob St Spaanem Ave Camden Rd
Bonnie Ln Ferris Ave Leo Dr

West Side

Street From To
Capital Ave Lake Mendota Dr University Ave
Hammersley Ave S. Franklin Ave Larkin St
Lake Mendota Dr city limits border with Shorewood Hills Spring Ct
Owen Pkwy Larkin St Hillcrest Dr