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City of Madison

City of Madison Attorney


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The Office of the City Attorney is closed to the public until further notice. If you need to contact us, do so by email (to individual attorneys or to, by phone at 266-4511, or by paper mail.

View all impacts to City service on the City's COVID-19 website.


VISION (the desired future)

The City of Madison complies with all laws, reduces its legal liabilities, and uses the law to advance the goals and vision of the City.

MISSION (how we will advance to the Vision)

The Office of the City Attorney will provide professional legal services and representation of the highest quality to the City of Madison government.

VALUES (used in decision-making)

  • Professionalism & Courtesy
  • Fairness & Equity
  • Firmness & Decisiveness
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Reason & Truth

SERVICE PROMISE (commitment to residents and employees of the City)

Every day, we will treat employees and the public in a fair and respectful manner. We will listen and communicate clearly, involve those who are impacted before making decisions, and collaborate to learn, improve and solve problems. We will represent the City's legal interests with skill, professionalism and courtesy in court and all other proceedings.

AGENCY SERVICES (our everyday work)

As the City's lawyers, the Office of the City Attorney engages in three major activities:

  • First, we prosecute violations of the City's laws, enforcing ordinances adopted by the Common Council.
  • Second, we provide legislative counsel, drafting and revising the City's code of ordinances and advising the Common Council and City Boards, Committees and Commissions on the meaning of legislative enactments.
  • Third, we provide general legal counsel and representation to the City, drafting documents, advising City officials and employees on compliance with the law, representing the City in court, negotiating on the City's behalf, and otherwise using legal procedures to support and defend the lawful decisions of City officials and agencies.

As the City's lawyers, we provide legal advice to City Government. Our office cannot give legal advice to any member of the general public.