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  • Lobbying Ordinance Materials for Training Program (PDF 40KB)
  • Video on the Lobbying Ordinance Training: December 15, 2005, presented by City of Madison's Attorney's Office

    Please note: Two changes have been made to Madison's lobby ordinance since this video was prepared. First, a lobbyist may not complete a registration or appearance form for a public meeting unless that person actually attends some portion of the meeting for which the form is submitted, or personally delivers the form with 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time of the meeting.

    Second, a registered principal who does not make expenditures or incur obligations exceeding $1,000 in any reporting period, must file a report with the City Clerk indicating that the expenditures and obligations for the reporting period did not exceed $1,000.

    Any questions regarding these changes may be directed to the City Clerk's office or the Office of the City Attorney.