D10 - Water Main Flushing plans beginning Monday October 3

City of Madison
Madison Water Utility
Water Main Flushing plans beginning Monday October 3rd (all flushing is daytime unless otherwise noted)

MAP: http://www.cityofmadison.com/water/Documents/flushingschedule.pdf

East (Area 31) –South of Hwy 12/18 and east of Hwy 51

West (Area 12) –East of Midvale Blvd. and south of Odana Rd.

West (Area 16) –East of Gammon Rd. between Odana Rd. and Old Sauk Rd.

Questions: Shayne Santi, 261-9128

Flushing Information Line: 261-9178


Area 31 (East):

Conventional flushing opening multiple hydrants over a large area.

Area 12 (West): 4-6 runs per day

10001 Midvale Blvd from Odana Rd to 930 S Midvale

10002 Midvale Blvd from 930 S Midvale to Boulder Ter

10003 West Beltline, N on Midvale Blvd to Cherokee Dr

10004 Mohawk Dr from Midvale to Whenona

10004.2 Mohawk Cir

10005 Nakoma Rd from Mohawk Dr to Whenona Dr

10006 Manitou Way and Waban Hill to Nakoma Rd

10006.2 Manitou-Waban backyard 4" main

10007 Mohawk Dr, Manitou Way, Wanda Pl, Whenona Dr

10007.2 Manitou Way and Wanetah Trl

10008 Mohawk (Danbury to Seminole), Seminole (Mohawk to Warwick)

10009 Whenona Dr from Mohawk to Warwick

10010 Danbury (Mohawk to Doncaster), Doncaster (Danbury to Whenona), Whenona

10011 Doncaster From Mohawk to Whenona

10012 Warwick Way

10013 Doncaster From Danbury to Seminole

10014 Beverly Rd - Seminole - Doncaster Dr

10015 Whenona Dr from Warwick to Milford

10016 Britta Parkway

10017 Crawford Dr and Helene Parkway

10018 Britta Dr

10019 De Volis Parkway North Side

10020 De Volis Parkway South Side

10021 Axel Ave De Volis to Crawford

10022 Seminole Hwy from Warwick to Sheffield

10023 W Beltline Frontage Rd from Whenona to Seminole

10024 Lumley Rd

10025 Sheffield Rd

10026 Danbury St (Beltline to Milford) and Milford Rd (Danbury to Whenona)

10027 Seminole Hwy from Sheffield to the South End of Seminole

10028 Milford (Seminole to Danbury), Danbury (Milford to Lilac), Lilac Ln

10029 Windflower Way

10030 Daisy Dr

10031 Clover Ct

Area 16 (West): 5-8 runs per day

16039 Tokay Blvd (Odana to Whitney Wy)

16040 Research Park Blvd (Odana to E of Rosa)

16041 Research Park Blvd (E of Rosa to Whitney Wy)

16042 Rosa Rd - Research Park (Min. Pt to W of Charmany)

16043 Charmany Dr - Research Park (Rosa to Whitney Wy)

16043.2 Endeavor Ln

16044 Yellowstone Dr (Min. Pt to Blue Ridge)

16045 Yellowstone Court

16046 Dunraven Court

16047 Grand Canyon Dr - Offshore Dr (Min. Pt to Quarterdeck)

16048 Grand Canyon Court

16049 Island Dr - Inner Dr (Min. Pt to Yellowstone)

16050 Nautilus Dr (Min. Pt to S of Inner)

16051 Offshore Dr from Nautilus to Quarterdeck

16052 Masthead Dr

16053 Quarterdeck Dr - Landfall Dr - Nautilus Dr (Offshore to Masthead)

16054 Quarterdeck Dr

16055 Keelson Dr - Quarterdeck Dr

16056 Nautilus Dr and South Hill Dr to Rosa Rd

16057 Rosa Rd from Mineral Point to Driftwood and Driftwood to Eddy

16058 Driftwood Ave

16059 Eddy St and Driftwood to S Rosa Rd

16060 Frigate Dr

16061 Hawser Rd, Frigate Dr, Galley Ct

16062 Blue Ridge Pkwy from Yellowstone to Old Sauk

16063 Blue Ridge Ct

16064 Jetty Dr, Natchez Trace, Antietam Ln

16065 Shenandoah Way

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