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On September 29th, DAIS launched a new 24/7 Text Line at (608) 420-4638. This new service will complement the existing Help Line and provide another way for those living with abuse to connect with a DAIS advocate. In the early days of the pandemic, it became clear to DAIS that not everyone was "safer at home." For those sheltering in place with their abuser, a phone call to DAIS became increasingly dangerous and challenging.

With this new text line, people can access the same services, resources, referrals, and listening ear as they would on the traditional helpline, all without ever uttering a word. In addition to being a safer option for those with their abuser close by, this new text line will be a game changer for those who rely on written communication, including Deaf/Hard of Hearing, and those who simply feel more comfortable with a text. With the new DAIS Text Line, DAIS services are more accessible than ever. 

AGAIN, THAT NUMBER IS (608)-420-4638


·   Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) can present itself in different forms including sexual violence, physical violence, emotional or psychological violence, financial violence, and stalking. IPV occurs in ALL populations regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or income.

o   24 Hour Help Line: 608.251.4445 DAIS

O   TEXT LINE: 608.420.4638

o   DAIS Help Line Advocates provide support, information, safety planning, and referrals to DAIS services (including shelter) and community agencies. The helpline is available 24/7 and is always free and confidential.

·   Case Management Case: Managers assess client needs stemming from their IPV and work with clients to develop a service plan, provide support and information, and connect the client with resources within DAIS and with community partners.   

·   Support Groups:  DAIS offers peer-based support groups for IPV victims and survivors. The groups are facilitated with the goals of decreasing feelings of isolation and providing information on available resources.  

·   Shelter:  DAIS provides temporary shelter for victims of IPV and their children in potentially lethal situations.  Each shelter resident (and their family) is offered Case Management services and access to supportive resources for children and adults including advocacy, information and referrals related to self-sufficiency, parenting, and housing.  Residents are also offered emotional support, support groups, and healing time and space.

·   Parent, Child, and Youth Advocacy: The Parent, Child and Youth Advocacy (PCYA) program provides support, information, programming and referrals. PCYA staff can assist with advocacy around the impact of domestic violence on families, childcare and education, parenting, family safety planning, and teen support.   

·   SAAV Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims (Non-DAIS Program: Temporary foster care for companion animals may be available for domestic violence victims who fear their pets' safety. Call the DAIS Help Line for more information.

·   Legal Advocacy Services:  DAIS Legal Advocates provide support, information, advocacy, and court accompaniment to people who have experienced IPV and stalking. Legal advocates can help with things like filing for restraining orders and navigating family, criminal, immigration, and other legal matters. Legal Advocates are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

  DAIS TEXT LINE: 608.420.4638

Help Line: 608.251.4445

Office: 608.251.1237 



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