Dia de los Muertos


The Day of the Dead - Dia de los Muertos

One of the things I love about Madison is the opportunity to have new experiences.  We have a large selection of restaurants all across the city.  We have different religions and rituals.  Different languages!  I love to learn new things, taste new things, and embrace new customs from all over the world.  Always adding to my rich Puerto Rican culture without having to give up parts of myself in the process.

Over the years, I have been at many festivals and celebrated many holidays.  I have gained new insights into others' personal experiences and perspectives.  Like the way we all use rituals to help us overcome grief.  

We all share that void of someone passing and find ways to cope while we move thru the grieving process. In Dec 2006, Abuela died, we scramble to make it home to be with family but we couldn't afford a trip to the island during the holiday season.  We already had plans to do a cookie bakeoff with the kids.  We proceeded with the plans, as we sat in silence at the table as a family to decorate cookies, we listened to others celebrate grandma's life at her funeral via a speakerphone.  From there on every year we celebrate her by getting together with family and friends, baking for hours, sharing stories, and memories, and sharing the cookies with the local firefighters.   

Today & tomorrow we celebrate El Día de Los Muertos, a centuries-old Mexican tradition.

This celebration touched me personally this year.  Mami died in February, and the outpour of support was overwhelming, being able to be there with her and surrounded by family was a blessing and an enormous privilege.

The family we built here in Madison continues to support us as we grieve her loss. As part of their support, they have included her in their Dia de Los Muertos altars.  Seeing Mami surrounded by so much brightness and vibrant colors reminded me of her surrounded by colorful fabrics, ribbons, and buttons.  I can hear the sound of the sewing machine stitching the fabric at high speed bringing her art to life. 

Learn more about this celebration

To learn more about this celebration click here.  For local events check here.

One of my co-workers send me this video, I did my best to translate the poem into English.  It is simply beautiful:  https://youtu.be/_HKJZZc409Q

"I will be
    I will be there when the day ends and the light turns into dust
       In the memories that walk at your side
          On the serene nights
             In the empty space
I will be 
     Even when you don't know, I will be, I will always be
        When the wind blows, when the flame ignites 
           When life gifts us our get-together
I will be!"

Also at the end of the blog is this kid's video

Here are a couple of altars put together by family and friends (mom included):

Les Altar

Les Altar mom


HFV Altar


[video:https://youtu.be/jCQnUuq-TEE title:"CGI 3D Animated Short Film Dia De Los Muertos"]

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