Urban Forestry Task Force Listening Session


"The reality of a developing urban community means tree loss from growth, infrastructure, invasive pests, diseases, and climate change. A tree canopy that is healthy for residents is 40% in an urban atmosphere; Madison is currently at 23%. To ensure the health and prosperity of our community, Madison must have thoughtful planning, active preservation, and increased planting of our urban forest. Madison's developing urban forest can support the opportunity to thrive in every home."   

You are invited to attend a listening session and provide input to a draft report and recommendations of the Urban Forestry Task Force.

Established by Madison Common Council in 2017, the Urban Forestry Task Force reviews the City’s policies, practices, programs and operations affecting trees throughout the city and makes recommendations based on available research, knowledge, and public input on how best to protect, preserve and promote a diverse, vibrant and sustainable urban forest.

Through a series of meetings over the last 18 months, the Urban Forestry Task Force developed a draft report and recommendations. The goal of this report is to provide strategies and recommendations to maintain and increase the tree canopy cover both on private and public properties, including trees within the right of way. Strategies in the draft report include how to preserve existing trees and encourage more trees on private properties.

The Urban Forestry Task Force will present the draft report and recommendations at a public meeting and listening session on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6:00pm at Madison Water Utility (110 S. Paterson Street, Room 121). The public is invited to attend. If you are unable to attend, comments may be submitted to parks@cityofmadison.com or by calling (608) 266-4816



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