F-35 - Environmental Impact Statement


Please find information and important dates related to the review of the F35 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) below.  

The Executive Summary of the EIS is here, the full report can be accessed here.

Please feel free to share yout thoughts with me about this important topic.

I also encourage you to submit comments via the Air National Guard’s official public comment channels as this is a decision being made by the federal government, not the City of Madison. 

Comments can be made through September 27th and can be made online or by mail.  The link for public comments can be accessed here.

The Air National Guard has scheduled a public open house on September 12, from 5-8 at the Alliant Energy Center, and comments can also be made in person there. A final decision will be made early next year.

City staff from various departments are working on a review of the EIS, including impacts of noise, stormwater and other issues. The end result will likely be a response to the EIS from the Mayor’s office, but the staff analysis will be shared when complete.

Thank you.


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