Two-Fisted Snow Storm


You most likely already know about the two-fiisted snow storm that's going to hit us this weekend. 

The first significant snow of the season is here. And the Streets Division is ready.

This a long-duration winter event that’s due to arrive in two waves. The first wave should begin to fall tonight, with potential high wind gusts. This update focuses just on this portion of the storm. Future updates will be provided on Saturday regarding the second wave of this storm.

All roadway users must make good choices before and during their trips through the city tonight. If you elect to be on the roads Friday night, you must allow for extra travel time in order to arrive at your destinations safely. You must be alert, patient, and cautious. The high winds gusts could result in some drifting in outlying areas of Madison, which may reduce visibility.

Throughout the day on Friday, Streets Division crews applied a brine pre-treatment to the salt route network. The brine is only rock salt and water. The pre-treatment will prevent the snow from binding to the pavement, which means crews will be able to plow the snow off more cleanly and should lead to less overall salt usage.
When the snows begin to accumulate on the roads Friday evening, 32 plow trucks will be assigned to the salt routes. They will be plowing and spreading salt as needed along these network of streets. The salt routes at the major thoroughfares of Madison, including roads around schools, hospitals, and Madison Metro bus routes. The salt routes will be patrolled throughout entirety the storm. Two additional trucks will be dispatched to apply sand to residential hills, curves, and intersections as needed to provide traction.

Untreated residential streets are likely to become and remain snow-covered during the first wave of the storm. As noted above, those who elect to be on the roads must be slow, cautious, and alert as roads will be slippery.
Streets Division staff will be monitoring the roads and the weather. As noted earlier, another update regarding the second half of this storm will be sent on Saturday.

Please remember to look out for each other. Consider shoveing your neighbor's sidewalk if you know they're unable or unavailable to do so.  Extra points for shoveling their driveway.  If you're shoveling wet snow, use your legs, not your back.  Take it easy, don't over-exert.

And if you're driving in the mess, be careful, don't be in a hurry.  Better to be safe, not sorry.  

I plan on taking a walk in Forest Hills Cemetery, such a beautiful, calm and quiet place to amble and reflect, particularly after a big snow.


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