Update: Davies Street and Dempsey Road Reconstruction


Project Update

10/16/2023 Update:

The Contractor is planning to asphalt pave Davies St (from Buckeye Rd to South of Maher Ave) the week of Monday, October 16. Paving should occur on both the roadway and off-street path, as well as any remaining driveway areas. Once the rollers have gone over the new pavement, it is drive-able within 3-4 hours. Terrace restoration, pavement markings, and signage on Davies St will follow in the coming weeks.

Phase 2 (Dempsey Rd from Phase 1 limits to Cottage Grove Rd) will begin in early-Spring 2024. Impacted residents will receive a construction notice prior to that work beginning. It is anticipated that MG&E will be doing electrical undergrounding work this prior to the larger project continuing next Spring.

Project Overview

The City plans to reconstruct Davies St and Dempsey Rd between Buckeye Rd and Cottage Grove Rd. The proposed project includes replacement of underground utilities (water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer) as well as replacement/installation of street infrastructure (roadway base, asphalt pavement, curb & gutter, sidewalk, shared-use path). The final proposed design includes a 26-ft wide street (two, 11-ft lanes with 2-ft gutters), a 10-ft wide shared-use path on the westerly-side of the road, 5-ft sidewalk on the easterly-side, and varying grass terrace widths between the path/sidewalk and the street. The shared-use path will continue the path on the northerly-side of Cottage Grove and provide an all ages & abilities bike route along the popular Lake (Monona) Loop Route. Path lighting will also be installed on the westerly-side terrace along the future path from Cottage Grove Rd to Maher Ave. Existing street lighting on Davies St will be upgraded to improve distribution along the future path.
Davies Street and Dempsey Road Overview

Want to hear from the project manager? Listen to our 16-minute discussion with Engineer and Project Manager Aaron Canton in our Everyday Engineering Podcast Episode: Orange Barrels: Davies Street and Dempsey Road Reconstruction:

Project Limits

Davies Street: Buckeye Road to Maher Avenue

Dempsey Road: Maher Avenue to Cottage Grove Road

Project Schedule

Anticipated Bid Date: March 2023

Construction Timeframe

Phase One: Davies St (Buckeye Rd to south of Maher Ave): July 2023 – October 2023
Phase Two: Dempsey Rd (Maher Ave to Cottage Grove Rd): April 2024 – August 2024.

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

City Meetings, Process

Transportation Commission: 02/08/2023

Board of Public Works: 02/22/2023

Common Council: 03/07/2023


Public Informational Meeting Letter and Project Survey
Common Council: Public Hearing Notice and Schedule of Assessments
Adopted Resolution Mailing: Cover LetterFinance LetterResolution
Start Construction Notice: Letter and Fact and Details Sheet

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