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Image of Alder Charles Myadze
Alder Charles Myadze
District 18

Contact Alder Myadze

Contact Alder Charles Myadze

Mailing Address

1509 Drewry Ln

About Alder Myadze

I am honored to be re-elected and serve the people of District 18, which is unique through its many hidden gems and green spaces, such as Troy Gardens and Cherokee Marsh. Even though it can be considered an underserved community, I am inspired each day by the work and dedication of our neighborhood centers that support and build up our community. I will continue to advocate for the sustainability of our green spaces and community centers that provide healthy environments for families in their growth and development.

I became an alder because I believe people with lived experience need to be at the table. There is often an illusion of equity and inclusion, but it is necessary to have people at the table who understand how being deprived of equity and inclusion feels.

As a proud union worker and through my work with the NAACP on their Criminal Justice and Community Engagement committees, I have learned what works in cultivating equity and inclusion for our underserved communities. I am committed to meeting people where they are at. I believe active listening is essential and contributes to being a successful alder, but it also requires creating many opportunities for ALL voices to be heard. 

Lastly, it is an honor to serve this beautiful district.  Northsiders want to keep moving forward on housing and public safety. They appreciate an alder who will stand up and fight for equity and accessibility in public transportation and public services.  As I believe and have often said, we cannot go back. There is more to do. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve and to keep moving the Northside forward!
I look forward to hearing from my community about issues important to District 18. Feel free to contact me at (608) 571-7342 or email 

To stay up to date on important updates, sign up for my weekly District 18 blog. Feel free to visit me during my office hours at Lakeview Library from 6-7pm.