Update on Ellis Potter Court Proposed Development and a Request to Neighbors


There is a new development being proposed located at 1 and 15 Ellis Potter Court (north of Schroeder Road), which is in a Suburban Employment District. It will be a mixed-use building for Seniors 55+ in age along with a separate building with townhome units for families and a play area outside for children.  The 11 townhomes will all be 3-bedroom units with direct entries and detached garages, while the 3-story mixed use building will have a total of 54 one- and two-bedroom units with underground parking, and a community outreach office located in the commercial space.   

Aerial map of the lots with proposed building footprints
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Knothe & Bruce Architects

The developer would like to submit a demolition permit application to the Plan Commission on November 27, 2023 for review that calls for the Commercial Building located at 15 Ellis Potter Ct Madison, WI 53711 to be demolished. 

After the City sent out blue postcards regarding a neighborhood meeting, Alder Harrington-McKinney (District 20) and I met with the developer, city staff, and residents on October 2nd, the current building owner and tenant (End Time Ministries). The current tenant expressed support for the building sale and development plans, and is in discussions with the developer to offer community outreach from the future building. 

Significant changes were made to the draft plan based on resident input. Most notable was the move of the townhomes to the back of the property given the likelihood that more children may live in these larger units. (Residents had voiced concern about the townhomes being on Schroeder Road.) Some trees will need to be removed for this development, but discussion with residents supported an understanding that there is a tension between saving trees and creating more options for housing, especially for seniors and larger families. Developers will save as many trees as possible. 

The developer is requesting that I waive the 30-day waiting period between notifying me of their intent to submit the demolition permit and submitting it to the City for review. I am inclined to support this request given that residents who attended the neighborhood meeting were supportive, their concerns were seriously considered by the developer, and their primary concern about where to position the townhomes was well-received by the developer (who even received applause at the end of the discussion--something that never happens). However, if I hear a significant number of concerns about waiving this 30-day period, I will decline the request. Please respond promptly (by Tuesday, 11/14) if you oppose the 30-day waiver to submit the demolition permit by emailing me at district19@cityofmadison.com. The application would proceed regardless once the 30 days have passed, so this is about speeding up the process by a few weeks. You will still have a chance to weigh in on the development as it moves through other City committee meetings.

If you have any questions about the Plan Commission demolition permit approval process, please contact the City of Madison Planning Division at (608) 266-4635.







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