City Email Issue Affecting Messages Sent to All Alders Distribution


I received the following message regarding city emails sent to "all alders".

April 3, 2017
Public Notification
City Email Issue Affecting Messages Sent to "All Alders" Distribution

The "All Alders" email distribution list was inadvertently disabled from the approximate period of March 10-31, 2017 for external senders.  This means that any emails that were sent to this list from outside of the city network, were not delivered to the Alders, but screened out and dropped by our anti-spam software.  There was no impact on emails sent to "All Alders" from inside the city network, nor was there any impact on emails sent to individual Alders from either inside or outside of the city.  City Information Technology staff have recovered a limited amount of information on these emails.  However, this is limited to the time, date, sender and subject line; the body of the email messages is not recoverable.  This list has been provided to all of the Alders.

In addition, messages from the Common Council website contact form were also affected since this form utilizes the email system.  However, the contents of these contact forms has been recovered and provided to all of the Alders.

The cause of this issue is apparently human error that occurred when a change was being made for one individual Alder.  There was no intention to block messages to the All Alders email list.  IT management has taken steps to prevent this error from occurring in the future. 

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

Thank you.

Paul Kronberger
Chief Information Officer
City of Madison

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