Week of June 26 Meetings of Possible Interest to District 2


The week of June 26 has items of possible interest to residents of district 2 at the Finance Committee, the Plan Commission, the Alcohol License Review Committee, the Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission, the Room Tax Commission, the Urban Design Commission, Neighborhood Meeting Re: Alcohol License at 1738 Fordem Ave, the Public Safety Review Committee, the Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee, and the Madison Police Department Policy & Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee. The city meeting agenda items are open for testimony from the public should you be interested in weighing in.  I also appreciate hearing from you on any items on which you have a particular interest or concern so please send me an email or give me a call.

Also, committees and commissions have an opportunity at the beginning of each agenda for Public Comment on items not on the agenda.  If you have something you want to share with a committee or commission, you can use the Public Comment time to do so.


Finance Committee
4:30 June 26, 2017
Rm 354 City-County Building
Agenda:  https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=521094&GUID=F3AB961D-B5C7-4CF0-9278-96FB11B1D00E

Agenda Item 7

Approving a Small Cap TIF #32 Mansion Hill-James Madison Park Neighborhood loan of up to $90,000 to Peter Linsmeier Borrower for the purchase and renovation of the property located at 515 E. Mifflin Street, Madison, WI and its conversion from rental to owner-occupied housing; and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a loan agreement with the Borrower to effectuate this transaction.


Plan Commission
5:00 June 26, 2017
Rm GR-27 City County Building
Agenda:  https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=555112&GUID=94FDE002-0870-441A-BCD2-E290F3B4E51E

Planning Division staff update on Comprehensive Plan - Imagine Madison

Review comments on the Draft Generalized Future Land Use Map


Alcohol License Review Committee
5:30 June 26, 2017
Rm 351 City-County Building
Agenda: https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=553307&GUID=3E075716-2C1F-491B-93DC-73D46382C082

Agenda Item 1

ALRC consent agenda guidelines for the Clerk's Office.


Agenda Item 2

Operator license policy guidelines given to Madison Police Department.


Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission
5:00 June 27, 2017
Rm 201 City County Building

Agenda: https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=522036&GUID=2428E985-5F3B-4183-9EF6-83F3A2AB6F7A  


Agenda Item 5

Project Data Base Update

City Traffic Engineering Department Staff: Arthur Ross; Eric Halvorson; Jose Navarro

(Note:  This is a presentation about a new interactive map that shows pedestrian and bike improvements requested by residents.)


Room Tax Commission
6:00 June 27, 2017
Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
1 John Nolen Dr. – Dane Room

Agenda: https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=555147&GUID=A20107E2-48F0-4307-BED0-99A070FE922F

Agenda Item 3

Health Department Staffing for Inspecting and Licensing Transient Tourism Establishments – update

Agenda Item 3

Host Compliance Implementation Timetable


Urban Design Commission
4:30 June 28, 2017
Rm 351 City County Building
Agenda:  https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=508091&GUID=AD06A5FE-8734-4BBE-8395-E1C427526616


Agenda Item 14
211 South Livingston Street - Public Project, New Development of the Capitol East
Parking Garage. 6th Ald. Dist.
Owner: City of Madison Parking Utility, Sabrina Tolley
Applicant: Rick Gabriel, BWBR
Final Approval is Requested
*Public Art Component*


Agenda Item 16
901 East Washington Avenue - New Development of a Boutique Hotel in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist.
Owner: 901 Hospitality, LLC/Curt Brink & John Kothe
Applicant: Doug Hursh, Potter Lawson, Inc.
Informational Presentation


Neighborhood Meeting re: Request for an Alcohol License for The Faded Kitchen at 1738 Fordem Ave.
5:30 June 28, 2017
Faded Kitchen
1738 Fordem Ave.

Please join me and Dominique Johnson of Faded Kitchen for a meeting where we will hear about Ms. Johnson’s application for an alcohol license. The proposed venue will be located at 1738 Fordem Ave. and will replace the 608 Restaurant and Bar, which is now closed. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. You will also have an opportunity to see their facilities.


Public Safety Review Committee
4:00 June 29, 2017
Rm GR27 City County Building
Agenda:  https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=552247&GUID=1FC166E2-55C9-4616-8CBA-C86C2A85516D

Agenda Item 2

Increase in gun violence in our community - Alder McKinney

Agenda Item 3

Creating Sections 5.15 and 6.18 of the Madison General Ordinances to authorize the City to reimburse the legal fees of persons defending or prosecuting a claim before the Police and Fire Commission and repealing RES-16-00697, the City Police and Fire Chiefs Reimbursement Policy.


Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee
5:00 June 29, 2017
Rm 103A City-County Building
Agenda:  https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=554872&GUID=67B8F22D-317E-4651-863B-9EE9BCAB14EF  

Agenda Item 2

Discussion of Historic Preservation Plan Process and Schedule

Agenda Item 3

Review Resolution and Committee Roles

Agenda Item 4

Future Meeting Schedule

Agenda Item 5

Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee Materials


Madison Police Department Policy & Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee
5:30 June 29, 2017
Rm 201 City-County Building
Agenda: https://madison.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=A&ID=552394&GUID=5363AA8B-5009-4342-800E-2E2A7F2E67DC


Presentation on Problem Oriented Policing and a Root Cause Analysis by Michael Scott, director of the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing and clinical professor at Arizona State University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Presentation from MPD Violent Crimes Unit on violent crimes statistics in Madison including trends, contributing factors, and area analysis


*Consent agenda--The consent agenda includes many agenda items that come to a vote without testimony or Council discussion.  Should anyone register and wish to speak, the item would be taken off the consent agenda.

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