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January 2016 updates and meetings

January 27, 2016 11:35 PM

412-414 Baldwin St neighborhood meeting for Marquette Hotel proposal February 1, 6:30p Wil-Mar


Please join me for a second neighborhood meeting where we will continue our discussion of James Montgomery's proposal to construct an addition to the property at 412 S. Baldwin Street, featuring an 11 room boutique hotel and small café. Mr. Montgomery will introduce his plans for off-site parking and have more concept drawings to present.


Jenifer St reconstruction at Bd of Public Works February 3, 4:30 at room 108 CCB


The Board of Public Works will review the plans and specs for Jenifer St at their February 3 meeting, 4:30p room 108 CCB (Parks Conference room).  If you want to share comments send them to Christie Bachmann at If BPW approves, the plans and specs will be at the Council on 2/23. Public comment is welcome at both meetings.


City Engineering is proposing to maintain the width of the street at 40' but will add 3' curb bump outs at intersections to shorten pedestrian crosswalks except for bus stop corners which should minimize conflicts with bicyclists. As a pilot tree trenches and pervious sidewalks will be installed in pilot locations and locations for rain gardens identified.  Bike sharrows will be painted in the street to alert drivers that they must share the road and colored pavement will be added at crosswalks. In addition to requiring the contractor to provide a "crack and damage survey" to the landmarked and national register buildings in the project area, Engineering will add new language to plans and specs issued for all road projects as follows "The contractor shall use every reasonable precaution to prevent damage or destruction of buildings or structures in close proximity to the construction. The contractor shall consider, and minimize where reasonable, the impact of vibrations that may occur during all phases of construction upon buildings or structures in close proximity to the construction where a risk of damage or destruction due to nearby construction activity has been identified." This is in response to concerns about the impact of construction vibrations on historic older houses.


The Marquette Neighborhood Association has submitted recommendations to the Board of Public Works. Find their recommendations and the report from the neighborhood engagement process on their website. Traffic calming, tree preservation and undergrounding were other major topics of interest. There may be an opportunity to do partial undergrounding but that will require private sources of funding.


Metro is proposing to swap the bus stops to the far side at Ingersoll which is a timed stop.  Several affected property owners have contacted me with their concerns that the new westbound stop will decrease visibility for residents exiting their driveways with buses parked for shift change and create a hazard for bicyclists. I have asked the Transit and Parking Commission to review this proposal which otherwise is an administrative decision by Metro staff. The next TPC meeting is 2/10 at 5p in room 260 MMB.  Send comments to Tim Sobota at


Marling  1801 E Washington February 10, 6:30p at Archipelago Village Design Studio 945 E Washington


Please join me for the second neighborhood meeting where we will see the latest iteration from Michael Campbell of the Campbell Capital Group, LLC for a mixed use development project at the Marling Lumber Company site, 1801 East Washington Avenue.  The initial plan called for 2 two- to four-story mixed-use buildings wrapping a five-story parking garage.  There would be two stories along E. Main Street, three stories along the river, and four stories on E. Washington Avenue.  The first floor on E. Washington Avenue would include over 20,000 square feet of commercial space.  There would be a total of 232 apartments, and the parking garage would have 334 stalls. The developer will seek an amendment to the Capital Gateway Corridor Plan to change the zoning designation to Community Mixed Use from Traditional Employment on the E Washington St side.


I previously reported that the developer would submit plans and present at Urban Design and Plan Commission in January. The development team delayed submission of their plans in order to respond to comments from neighbors, MNA and SASY preservation and development committees, Friends of Yahara River Parkway and city staff.  


Park+ Information Sessions March 8-March 9


About a year ago, the Common Council authorized the City of Madison to amend the contract we had with Kimley-Horn Associates who helped prepare the SCTOD District Planning Study.  The Council authorized $90,000 to purchase Kimley-Horn's parking and traffic impact evaluation consultant services and to collect data and apply their parking demand modeling software called Park+ as a pilot in the Capitol East District. Park + is an interactive supply/demand modeling software platform that the City will own. Park+ integrates the principles of a traditional parking study, transportation demand modeling, and geospatial mapping and it will help the City to maintain comprehensive inventory, model changing parking behaviors, and predict development and parking needs.

Brett Wood of Kimley-Horn Associates will make two presentations to demonstrate the Park+ model and discuss some of the model's preliminary findings for the Cap East District based on future land use/redevelopment projections, as prepared by Vandewalle for the City.  


The Cap East Stakeholder Group (including developers/land owners, area businesses and Marquette and Tenney Lapham residents  are invited to attend a presentation Tuesday, March 8, 5:30p, 945 E Washington Archipelago Village Design Center (park and enter from the back of building, access from Brearly St). Mr. Wood will also present initial findings at the March meeting of the Transit and Parking Commission Wednesday, March 9, 5:00p, Room 260 MMB (also live on city channel)




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