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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of April 12, 2021

April 11, 2021 9:42 PM

Highlights: The Plan Commission takes up the long delayed subdivision plat for the Raemisch Farm on the northside on Monday. They also will vote on the proposed rezoning of several parcels on Milwaukee St initiated by Alder Grant Foster to try to proactively align the zoning with the recommendations of the adopted Milwaukee St Area Plan. On Wednesday, the proposal for Occupy Madison at the former Wiggies Bar site on Aberg Ave is at Urban Design Commission. Also Wednesday is the plans for Helena and Jenifer St reconstruction at the Transportation Committee.


Last week, several people contacted me about changes on the Capital City Path. I followed up with Transportation staff and wanted to share the information I received. "Traffic Engineering is changing the traffic control (removing the side street stop signs) on the Capital City Path at Blount Street, Brearly Street, and Livingston Street to comply with a directive by the Office of the Commission of Railroads.  The following bullets summarize the background of this directive.

  •         On August 7, 2020 the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads requested the removal of stop signs at the above listed streets within 14 days of the email.  The email cited the Office's broad authority under Wis State Statute 195.28
  •         On September 4, 2020 the City of Madison responded with an alternate proposal that addressed some of the Office of Commissioners concerns.
  •         On February 26, 2021 the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads responded to and rejected Madison's alternate proposal and requested that the stop signs be removed and control be provided for path users instead. They requested the changes be made by March 26, 2021.

Consequently, Traffic Engineering is installing "Yield" signs, the least restrictive control, for path users in the next few days."  Please contact Rep Francesca Hong @ and Sen Kelda Roys @


Madison Water Utility's pipe cleaning program started on April 5. Where crews are working, people may temporarily have discolored water or low pressure.  Want to know when flushing crews will be in your area? Visit the Water Main Flushing webpage for a map, this week's schedule, and to sign up for the Water Utility's flushing email list. You can also call our flushing hotline at (608) 261-9178 to hear a recording of where crews will be this week. Read more here.


Dane County residents age 16 and older can sign up for COVID vaccine appointments at the Alliant Energy Center and other locations.  Transportation is available for those who need it. You will be given more information about this service is after you make an appointment.  Find more information in English and Spanish.


The Streets Division's plastic bag recycling program is ending.  Residents should no longer place plastic film and plastic bags into their recycling carts. Residents should not bring plastic film to the Streets Division drop-off sites, either.  Instead, residents who accumulate plastic bag and film should return them to the retailers that offer plastic bag and film recycling programs. Read more here


Monday April 12, 2021

Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee

5p You can send comments on agenda items to Public comments during the meeting are not taken by this advisory subcommittee.


1. Water Utility Board Fluoride Review Update & Discussion

2. PFAS Update and Discussion


Monday April 12


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


10. 65014 Update on 2021 Police Department Town of Madison Hiring Timeline/Process


16. 65020 Contemplated closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(g) to confer with legal counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved; specifically:

Impact of proposed legislation on PFC


Monday April 12


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to Comments received after 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting may not be added to the public record until after the meeting.


2. 64589 Accepting the report titled "Comprehensive Plan - 2021 Progress Update"


3. 64796 Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) 39 (Stoughton Road), City of Madison.


4. 64794 Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) 41 (University-Whitney), City of Madison.


5. 64795 Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) 42 (Wingra), City of Madison.


Note: Items 6 and 7 are related and should be considered together. This has been referred since October 2020. The applicant agreed to extend the statutory timeline for adoption of the subdivision plat

6. 60914 Creating Section 28.022 - 00454 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 4000-4150 Packers Avenue and 4201 North Sherman Avenue, 12th Aldermanic District, from Temp. A (Temporary Agricultural) District to SR-C2 (Suburban Residential-Consistent 2) District; and creating Section 28.002 - 00455 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of the property located at 4000-4150 Packers Avenue and 4201 North Sherman Avenue, 12th Aldermanic District, from Temp. A (Temporary Agricultural) to TR-C3 (Traditional Residential-Consistent 3) District; and creating Section 28.022-456 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of the property located at 4000-4150 Packers Avenue and 4201 North Sherman Avenue, 12th Aldermanic District from Temp. A (Temporary Agricultural) to TR-V2 (Traditional Residential-Varied 2) District; and creating Section 28.022 - 00457 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 4000-4150 Packers Avenue and 4201 North Sherman Avenue, 12th Aldermanic District from Temp. A (Temporary Agricultural) District to TR-U1 (Traditional Residential-Urban 1) District; and creating Section 28.022-458 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 4000-4150 Packers Avenue and 4201 North Sherman Avenue, 12th Aldermanic District from Temp. A (Temporary Agricultural) District to CC-T (Commercial Corridor-Transitional) District


7. 60683 Approving the preliminary plat of Raemisch Farm Development on property addressed as 4000-4150 Packers Avenue and 4201 N Sherman Avenue; 12th Ald. Dist.


11. 64610 Creating Section 28.022 -- 00496 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties located at 3650 Milwaukee Street and 102 West Corporate Drive, 15th Aldermanic District, from IL (Industrial - Limited) District to CC-T (Commercial Corridor-Transitional) District.


Staff memo: "On March 16, 2021, Ald. Grant Foster, 15th District, introduced Ordinance ID 64610 to rezone two parcels generally located on the north side of Milwaukee Street at West Corporate Drive from IL to CC-T. The purpose of the proposed zoning map amendment is to begin to implement the land use recommendations in the Milwaukee Street Special Area Plan, which was adopted in December 2018 by the Common Council guide future land uses and street networks, transit facilities, bike facilities, street design, and open spaces for the existing and future City of Madison bounded by State Highway 30 on the north, N Stoughton Road (US Highway 51) on the east, the south side of Milwaukee Street on the south, and N Fair Oaks Avenue and Starkweather Creek on the west. The new rezoning proposal follows a more expansive effort to rezone nine parcels at 3614-3700 Milwaukee Street and 102-122 West Corporate Drive from CN (Conservancy District), TR-C1 (Traditional Residential–Consistent 1 District), SE (Suburban Employment) and IL (Industrial–Limited District) to TSS (Traditional Shopping Street) District and TR-U1 (Traditional Residential–Urban 1 District) consistent with recommendations in the Milwaukee Street Special Area Plan. The Plan Commission recommended approval of Ordinance File ID 62174 at its November 23, 2020 meeting. Following the Plan Commission review, a protest petition was filed by at least 20% of the owners of the land to be rezoned, which required a favorable vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the members of the Common Council voting on the zoning map amendment ordinance in order for it to pass. However, at its February 2, 2021 meeting, the Common Council failed to approve the rezoning request on a 6-13 vote.  


In reviewing the proposed map amendment, the Planning Division believes that the proposed CC-T zoning can implement the mixed-use and residential land uses recommended for the subject area by the Milwaukee Street Special Area Plan and the Comprehensive Plan. While the proposed CC-T district is not the only or best zoning district that could implement the adopted plan recommendations, it would generally allow the development anticipated by the plans. Importantly, while the proposed rezoning may create zoning nonconformities related to the bulk and design of buildings, it avoids the creation of nonconforming uses."


12. 64362 720 E Dayton Street; 2nd Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Residential-Varied 2 (TR-V2) District for a non-accessory parking facility to allow a vacant lot to be improved as a parking lot for a nearby residential development.


The applicant requests conditional use approval to establish a 22-stall, non-accessory, parking facility (parking lot) on the subject site. The paved parking lot will replace the vacant lot and will be accessed from E Dayton Street via a single entrance. In communication with Staff, the applicant stated that it will be used only by the residents of the 189-unit Veritas Village residential development across the street and not at all by the general public. While the majority of the lot will be paved with asphalt, a roughly 940-square-foot portion, located along the southern property line, will be paved with permeable, recycled asphalt. A perforated drain pipe will be added below this area to collect the stormwater and direct it into the roughly 420-square-foot bio-retention basin proposed just to the south (towards E Dayton Street).


Monday April 12


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to:


2. Apply Equitable Hiring Tool to Independent Police Monitor description and note any recommended changes


Tuesday April 13

Water Utility Board

4p Madison Water Utility Well #15 3900 East Washington Ave




Tuesday April 13


5p You can send comments on agenda items to Committee e-mail at


  1. 63100 Direction of the Public Safety Review Committee/2021 PSRC Workplan/Meeting Rules


Tuesday April 13


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


6. 62380 Arts and Culture Economic Recovery

- Reopening Guide - Permitting Live Outdoor Music


7. 39932 Public Art Conservation - RFP - Annie Stewart - Effigy Tree - Badger - Liberty - Fountains on the Square - Mildred Harnack


Wednesday April 14


10a You can send comments on agenda items to


  1. 64948 RIDE THE DRIVE Sun. June 6, 2021 / 8am-2pm Warner Park, Kennedy Park, Wingra Creek Park, Marlborough Park Street Closure: roads around the four parks (see application for details) Due to COVID, having four small events spread out instead of one big one downtown City of Madison Parks Division / Tracey Hartley


Wednesday April 14


1p You can send comments on agenda items to






Wednesday April 14


3p You can send comments on agenda items to:


2. 64994 Advisory Referenda Results and Next Steps


Wednesday April 14


4:30p You can send comments on agenda items to mailto:


4. 64300 1901 Aberg Avenue - Proposed Planned Development Zoning (General Development Plan and Specific Implementation Plan) to Convert Restaurant-Tavern into a Common Building for a Portable Shelter Community with 28 Portable Shelter Units. 12th Ald. Dist. Owner: Occupy Madison, Inc. Applicant: Brenda Konkel Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Wednesday April 14


5p You can send comments on agenda items to:


3. 64637 Amending the 2020 Capital Budget to transfer $170,000 of existing borrowing authority between major program for Wayfinding Signage and major program for the Monona Terrace/John Nolen Drive Lighting Study project, and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a competitively-selected contract for Purchase of Services (Engineering) with KL Engineering to provide professional traffic engineering consultant design services for the Monona Terrace/John Nolen Drive Lighting Study project.


4. 65038 Request from Central Business Improvement District (BID) to close State Street on Weekends over the Summer


5. 65043 Interim High Injury Network map review and acceptance


6. 64987 2021 Vision Zero Projects review and approval


7. 64983 Plans for Helena and Jenifer Streets, and Jannah Village Platting in 2021 Transportation Public Works Transportation Projects


8. 65039 Staff Update on Special Pedestrian Phase Recall Timing Installed at Various Signalized Intersections during the COVID Pandemic and Plan to Revert to Normal Timing in Phases


Wednesday April 14


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 64946 Follow up discussion on Digital Inclusion Summary document and Education Committee recommendations

3. 64947 Discussion on youth (re)engagement in MMSD and Out of School Time programs


Wednesday April 14


6:30p Send comments on agenda items to:


8 64978 April 2021 Superintendent's Report

After a record setting winter recreation season, staff expect even more park users as the seasons change and the community begins to recover from the past year. The most recent Public Health Orders, especially Order #15, have meant going from full-stop to nearly full-go in a matter of weeks. Staff are working hard to provide safe access to shelters, restrooms, athletic facilities, and more, including special events, the pool and splash pads. Plumbing is being turned on, field lines painted, and after a year without events, shelter reservations and athletic reservations they are now pouring in. People want to be in parks. As vaccines continue to roll out, outdoor spaces are the still the safest spaces for gathering, and the Parks team is making sure we are ready. Near-normal pre-COVID programming levels are expected across the system in addition to the same high rates of park use experienced in 2020. Golf courses, disc golf courses, and boat launches are being heavily used already and permit requests continue to be high. Most partners are returning to service as well. The Olbrich Biergarten is set to open in mid-April and Forward Madison FC has worked diligently with PHMDC in order to return to Breese Stevens for the 2021 season, a welcome return after a year in Wauwatosa.


11* 64904 Request from Olbrich Botanical Society to close Olbrich Botanical Gardens to the public at 2 PM on Thursday, June 24 and Friday, June 25, 2021 for Summer Breeze; 5 PM on Saturday, August 28, 2021 to prepare for GLEAM, Art in a New Light; and to stay open until midnight on Saturday, August 28, 2021 for the GLEAM event.


Thursday April 15


5p You can send comments on agenda items to:


2. 64966 Equitable Hiring Tool Taskforce Update (Progress, Timeline)

3. 64968 Next Steps in Process for Hiring the Independent Police Monitor

4. 64967 NACOLE Training Session II


Thursday April 15


5p You can send comments on agenda items to



5. 65003 Review recommendations that came out of the equity analysis and plan for follow up.

6. 64233 Discuss options for recruiting property owners to our Gold Star program

7. 64230 Discuss criteria for distributing future rent assistance funds and possible recommendations.

8. 65000 Discuss how the City can discourage property owners from implementing late fees due to the COVID-19 crisis.

9. 65001 Discuss tenant protections from Associated Students of Madison recommendations. Tenant Rights Protection for Students_Updated.pdf Stringent Tenant Rights in Dane County.pdf

10. 65041 Discuss new State law changes related to tenant rights and if the Committee has a potential mitigating role.


Thursday April 15


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 48742 Downtown Police Update

4. 61021 Downtown Recovery Discussion a. State Street / Downtown Programming b. Update on DCC's motion to Explore State Street Closure

5. 64922 Streatery Discussion Committee Ideas, Issues, and Concerns on potential permanent program

6. 64923 Library Mall Redesign -  City Staff update only


Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison


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