Good morning! We’re plowing!


Citywide plowing operations will be kicked off at 7:00am and will be lasting through the days. 


Please remind folks to choose off-street parking options if they can. And to please avoid placing their trash & recycling carts in the street.  These are all make for obstructions that our plow drivers just have to go around.


We are also declaring a snow emergency, and the first night will be in effect tonight – so the evening of January 23 into the early morning hours of January 24.   Since we’re due to get even more snow tonight, there’s a good chance this snow emergency could be expended beyond the usual two nights.


Also, the roads are pretty tricky right now and will be for a little bit. It’s too cold for salt to work very quickly, so all of the roads – even the main streets – will be snow covered for a bit. Perhaps we will catch a break and get some sun this afternoon, which should help.


As usual with snow events, we have more detail in the Snow Plow Update and the Snow Emergency press release.  I suspect you have both, but if you don’t, you can read them at  And, I would encourage everyone to sign up to receive these alerts.


Bryan Johnson

City of Madison Streets Division

Recycling Coordinator/Public Information Officer

Office: 608-267-2626


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