Driver Taken to Hospital Following Crash Into East Side House

  • Location

    3800 block Johns Street
    Madison, WI 53714
  • Incident Date

    Dispatch: Jul. 3, 2024 - 1:48pm
    Arrival: Jul. 3, 2024 - 1:51pm
  • Incident Type


43.0866224, -89.3237755

This map displays an approximate location.

Incident Details

Engine Co. 7 and Medic 5 were dispatched to Johns Street, where a vehicle struck a house. Paramedics arrived first on location and found the driver attempting to get out of their vehicle, which was resting against the front of the house. Paramedics and EMTs assisted the driver to a cot positioned near the car. The driver was not in distress and did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Medic 5 transported the driver to the hospital.

Engine 7 assessed damage to the house. Although damage appeared to be minor from the outside, interior damage indicated a chunk of foundation was broken and two floor joists were knocked out of place. The damage was not located in a load-bearing section of the floor, and adjacent joists were still intact. Firefighters moved furniture away from the damaged area to reduce the weight on the structure in that area.

No home occupants were injured in the incident. Madison Police also responded to the scene.

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