Station 7 Called to Fireworks-Related Incidents in Nearby Parks

  • Location

    1200 block McKenna Boulevard
    Madison, WI 53719
  • Incident Date

    Dispatch: Jul. 4, 2024 - 9:29pm
    Arrival: Jul. 4, 2024 - 9:36pm
  • Incident Type


43.0410724, -89.5049701

This map displays an approximate location.

Incident Details

At 9:29 p.m. July 4, Engine 7 and Medic 7 were called to Elver Park to extinguish fireworks that were partially smoking and possibly still live in the park. There was already a significant police presence when MFD arrived, as police cleared occupants from the park. There was prominent smoke in the park from the use of fireworks at various locations. 

There was some delay in firefighters accessing the park as crowds of people left the park by car. Eventually Engine 7 made their way to the park shelter, where a grouping of fireworks was found on the sidewalk, still smoking. Firefighters pulled a hose line and doused the fireworks. The crew them moved toward the middle of the parking lot, where they put out smoking boxes and fireworks canisters. No live fireworks were found. 

One police officer was checked for possible exposure to flammable materials due to a firework going off in proximity to her. No injuries were found. 

After dousing a 50-gallon drum of smoldering trash, Engine 7 picked up their equipment, refilled their engine tank with water, and cleared from the call. 

Approximately 90 minutes later,  at 10:52 p.m., Ladder 7 was dispatched to Lucy Lincoln Hiestand Park (1653 Frisch Road) for a large fire there. Bystanders reported flames at about 12-14 feet high and about 300 feet from the street. Firefighters found a large quantity of disposed fireworks cases stacked about 8-10 feet high at the center of the fire. Ladder 7’s crew used a water can extinguisher to tamp down the fire, then used roof hooks to pull apart the pile of debris.

Engine 7 assisted Ladder 7 with fully extinguishing the pile. Firefighters noted discarded firework shell cases glued to pieces of plywood. No ignition source was found. 

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