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Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program

The City created an SBE Program to encourage participation of small businesses in City-funded public works contracts.


In order to be certified as an SBE, a business must be:

  • Organized as a for-profit business, performing a commercially useful function;
  • Independently owned and controlled by individuals possessing a net worth of $1.32M or less; and
  • Averaging annual gross receipts of $4 million or less over the last three year period.

Other Certifications

The SBE Program applies only to City of Madison-certified SBE firms.

Program Application

SBE contract goals are applied to City public works contracts that exceed $100,000. Prime contractors are required to solicit bids from SBE-certified businesses for subcontracting opportunities on those projects.

A responsive bidder on a project with an SBE goal must submit a complete SBE Compliance Report which shows that the bidder has met the SBE goal or has shown good faith efforts to do so.