City Celebrates Infrastructure and Public Works Weeks: May 16-20


The City of Madison invites the community to celebrate the City’s Public Works agencies and infrastructure progress for Infrastructure and Public Works weeks, May 16-20, 2022. Both weeks celebrate different topics, but are designated on the same week.

Infrastructure Week is an opportunity for national and local leaders to elevate infrastructure as a critical issue impacting all Americans, according to the National League of Cities.

National Public Works Week is about sharing how Public Works projects and agencies work together to serve the community while being resilient and ready for any situation, according to the American Public Works Association.  

The City of Madison Public Works agencies, Engineering Division, Fleet Services, Parks Division, Streets Division and Madison Water Utility, will work together to raise awareness digitally on social media of what each agency does, and more about projects impacting the community each day next week.

The social media posts will highlight different pieces of infrastructure and projects that residents and visitors use every day in the City of Madison, in addition to, different ways the City Public Works agencies work together to serve the community. Follow the City’s Social Media Channels:
City of Madison Facebook and Twitter


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