Vision Zero Concludes This Year’s Speed Reductions with Segoe Rd


The next, and final, 2022 Vision Zero speed reduction takes place on Monday, October 10th on Segoe Rd, from University Ave to Odana Rd. The speed limit on Segoe Rd will reduce to 25 mph from 30 mph on the entire length of the road. This area was selected for a reduced speed limit due to the presence of schools, parks and the many stores and restaurants at Hilldale Shopping Mall. These destinations are popular walking and biking destinations for people from the surrounding residential neighborhood, large apartment buildings and office buildings.

Along with the previous speed changes occurring earlier this year on East Washington Avenue, John Nolen Drive, Mineral Point Rd, Old Sauk Rd, and Portage Rd, this speed reduction is another step forward towards the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries. People walking and biking are a high priority on this roadway, as this route serves as a key bicycle route for travel on the west side of Madison and serves as a walking route for families to reach Van Hise Elementary and Hamilton Middle Schools.

For each of these changes, along with updated permanent signs, staff will place temporary digital signboards in the area to remind drivers of the speed limit changes from 30 mph to 25 mph.

“Thanks to the Vision Zero Team for prioritizing safety on our streets," said Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. "Everyone should feel safe while traveling in the City of Madison, no matter if you are walking, biking, taking public transportation or driving your car. These speed limit reductions and roadway improvements have made a difference in the safety of our City.”

Segoe Rd has seen 8 injury crashes since 2017 including 3 involving people biking or walking. These are not just numbers; these are members of our community hurt on our city streets. Reducing the speed limit and making physical roadway improvements to our streets ensures the safety of all roadway users. Through the Vision Zero Initiative, the City will continue to make these vital improvements and reductions to City streets in the coming years and continue to make strides towards our goal of zero deaths and serious injuries by 2035.

What is Vision Zero?
Vision Zero is a data driven strategy intended to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on City streets by 2035 while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. For more information about the City of Madison’s Vision Zero initiative and to sign up for Vision Zero news updates, please visit the City of Madison’s Vision Zero Website.



Image of a map showing the speed reduction area for Segoe Rd in blue .
Image of a logo with the words "Vision Zero" in the bottom blue box, and above is a tableau of people walking near a parked bus.
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