Christmas Tree Collection Resumes Monday, January 29, 2024


Streets Division crews will be performing one final round of Christmas tree collection starting Monday, January 29, 2024. 

If you still need your Christmas tree collected, please have it out on the terrace or right of way area by 6:30am on Monday, January 29.

The Rules for Christmas Tree Collection

Failure to follow the below list of rules may result in your tree not being collected:

  • Crews will not dig out trees covered by snow.  If your tree is buried by snow or otherwise frozen in place, you must free it from the snowbank and place it on the terrace or right of way space so crews can collect it. 
  • Remove all tree stands.
  • Remove all tree decorations (including lights, tinsel, ornaments, tree toppers, and so on).
  • Do not place your tree into any kind of bag.

Tree Placement

Trees must be placed on the terrace, or the road edge along the public street, and they must be accessible by collection crews. 

Place your trees at least four feet away from obstructions like utility poles, fire hydrants, and other obstructions. 

Streets Division crews cannot enter into private property to collect items, including trees. 

Wreaths, Garlands, Boughs, Other Evergreen Decorations

Do not place wreaths, evergreen rope, garlands, and boughs out for tree collection. 

These belong in the trash. 

They contain wires or metal that can damage wood chipping equipment. 

Drop-off Sites

Madison residents may also bring their Christmas trees to one of the Streets Division drop-off sites

The locations and hours of the sites change seasonally.

Check the drop-off sites website for more information about hours and locations of the sites.

Why is there one more round?

The normally second tree collection round was disrupted due to recent significant winter weather.  Streets crews that collect trees are the also the same personnel needed to drive plows after all, so they were needed to perform that higher priority work.

What happens with collected trees?

The trees collected by the Streets Division are taken to the Streets Division’s brush processing center where it is ground into mulch. 

Additional Information 

Additional information regarding other winter-related city operations, can be found on the City of Madison’s Winter website,

More information about other Streets Division services can be found at

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