2016 Parks Landscaping Projects

Last Updated: 07/02/2018

Each year the City of Madison installs landscaping including tree, shrub and perennial plants as part of annual parks landscaping contracts. 

In 2016, these projects include a variety of type of landscaping installations as outlined below:
Installation of new trees, signature sign plantings and/or improvements (removal of overgrown juniper and replacement with perennials and shrubs),

General and Native Landscaping
The City will be installing landscaping at the following project sites:

  • Duane F Bowman Park (landscaping at restroom building)
  • Cardinal Glenn Park (tree installations and signature sign planting)
  • Churchill Heights Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • Demetral Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • Flad Park (new trees near recently improved playground)
  • Glenway Golf Course (new trees along Glenway Street)
  • Hawthorne Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • High Point Park (new trees along walking path and near playground)
  • Highland Manor Park (new trees in park and near playground)
  • Kingston-Onyx Park (new trees near playground)
  • Owl Creek Park (signature sign planting, trees in park, and plantings on berms)
  • Pilgrim Park (tree in park)
  • Richmond Hill Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • Warner Park (trees in parking lot, plantings at shelter path area and near volleyball)
  • City of Madison Water Utility Well No. 25 (new planting bed and trees at well site)
  • Wingra Creek Parkway (many new trees and shrubs in area where shoreline stabilization occured)

Plans and specifications were advertised on February 12, 2016 and required a re-bidding process due to a single bid received.  The contract was awarded after a second bid round to Greener Valley Landscaping Inc.  Work on this contract is anticipated to begin the week of August 15th and all installations will be completed by late November 2016.  Maintenance of the plantings at all sites will continue through December 1, 2017.