Elver Park Inclusive Playground: Contract - 2018 Elver Park Inclusive Playground

Last Updated: 01/19/2018

The playground at Elver Park will be replaced with a new, inclusive playground in late summer 2018!

The first meeting to discuss the playground replacement at Elver Park in 2018 was held on 1/18/18 at the Elver Park Neighborhood Center (1201 McKenna Blvd).  At the session, attendees worked to layout the new playground and associated amenities such as benches and trees as well as discussing other options for this area of the park including relocation of the basketball court and relocation or removal of the path in this area in light of the new sidewalk along McKenna Blvd.  The boards from this component of the discussion are shown, below.

Also at the first meeting, attendees reviewed and discussed proposals from four playground equipment manufacturers and placed sticker votes on their preferred option.  Boards from the session are shown, below.  These boards will remain in place at the Elver Park Neighborhood Center (1201 McKenna Blvd) until the end of January for those who would like to see the proposals at a large scale - and place a vote as well!

Parks staff will take all of the information from this session, as well as comments or input received via email and telephone call, to continue to work with the equipment manufacturer that received the majority vote to refine the equipment and develop a layout for the project site.  Alders McKinney and Phair will be consulted to determine how best to present the final design proposal.

Questions or comments regarding this project can be sent to Kate Kane, project manager, at kkane@cityofmadison.com or (608) 261-9671.