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Proposed Gypsy Moth Treatment Areas

February 15, 2018 11:41 AM

What is gypsy moth? In the summer months, residents may notice trees with leaf-loss due to an invasive caterpillar.  This defoliation is due to the gypsy moth caterpillar, which eats leaves on oak trees and other species.  As you can imagine, this causes stress to these trees, makes them more susceptible to disease, insects or environmental stresses, such as drought and may ultimately be the demise of the tree.

How is it treated? Treatment by the Wisconsin DNR, to reduce this destructive insect, is done by a low flying plane which sprays a natural-based insecticide called Foray┬«.  The City of Madison has submitted an application for the gypsy moth treatment.

Where is the proposed 2018 treatment? The proposed treatment area may affect you. Visit this website for details on the program and maps of potential affected areas.

Editor's Note (April 2018): View confirmed spray location maps

How can I opt out of the treatment? If you wish to object to the treatment of your property, you must do so in writing to: Marla Eddy, City Forester, 1402 Wingra Creek Pkwy, Madison, WI 53715 by 3:00pm on February 21, 2018. You must explain the reason for your objection, provide your name, phone number, and mailing address along with the address of the property you want excluded from the spray (if different from your mailing address). Please be aware that if you object to your property being sprayed, your adjacent neighbor's property will also be affected by your decision and will be eliminated from the spray area. Please share this information with your tenants if this is a rental property as they are affected and have the right to object.

Marla Eddy
City Forester
Forestry Section
City of Madison Parks Division

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