Volunteer Opportunities

Madison Parks, along with volunteer organizations, offer numerous opportunities throughout the year to help make our parks more beautiful. Opportunities are coordinated by Parks staff and volunteer groups.

View list of Current Volunteer Projects.

All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Registration & Release form when volunteering in Madison Parks.

Please fill out and return:

Parks Division Office at: (608) 267-1162
City of Madison Parks Division,
c/o Tracey Hartley
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Room 104
Madison, WI 53703

Questions? Email parksvolunteer@cityofmadison.com.

Volunteer in Madison Parks

Find out more information about our various volunteer programs and ways to get involved.

Volunteer Policy

In 2014, the Board of Parks Commissioners approved the Statements of Policies and Guidelines for Volunteer Activities within the Madison Parks System. The document contains helpful information for individuals and groups interested in volunteering with Madison Parks.

Tools (and quantity) Available Through Madison Parks

  • Leaf rake (2)
  • Hard Rake (13)
  • Hedge Trimmer (10)
  • Loppers (6)
  • Mini Leaf Rake (2)
  • Picker (12)
  • Flat Shovel (2)
  • Push Broom (1)
  • Broom (1)
  • Flat Ice Chipper (2)
  • Weed Pullers (4)
  • Hooked Hand Saw - Sythe (5)
  • Curved Hand Saw (10)
  • Pitch Fork (2)
  • Bucket (4)

Friends of Groups

If you are in working with an existing volunteer group or you have a volunteer group that is not listed, please email parksvolunteer@cityofmadison.com.