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Rethinking Parks Processes Due to COVID-19

April 14, 2020 4:18 PM

As Parks staff continue to do essential work during the COVID-19 outbreak, they have had to re-think how many of these tasks may be safely accomplished.

loading the tree

Through creative thinking, Parks field staff developed a tree planting process accomplished by three staff members. Each role completed separately, with distance from other workers and using no shared tools.



Worker #1 loads the trees for delivery. All trees this spring in Parks are either bare root trees that can be loaded by hand or potted trees that can be loaded with one person using a toolcat and another person unloading using social distancing. The first worker digs the hole on location using the toolcat equipped with an auger. 

tool cat








Worker #2 plants the tree and compacts the ground surrounding the tree. Bare root and potted trees are manageable by one person.

plant tree

Worker #3 – Waters the tree, places mulch around the tree roots and then stakes the tree.

stake the tree

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