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Honoring 50 Years of Earth Day

April 22, 2020 11:43 AM

So much has changed in how we approach nearly every aspect of our lives since COVID-19. Including how we honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. While we cannot celebrate with our typical Earth Day Challenge given the Safer at Home Order, we have a few suggestions for things you can do on your own or with members of your household. 

IMPORTANT – before proceeding

  • Contact to find out where we need assistance or let us know where you'd like to assist.
  • Remember these may be done solo or with members of your immediate household only.


  • Pick up trash with the following safety precautions
    • Do not come into direct contact with any trash
    • Be sure to wear protective gloves
    • Use a trash picker tool, if you own
    • Dispose of bagged trash in Parks can
    • Use hand sanitizer when you finish
    • Wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds when you return home.
    • If you're over age 60 or in a high-risk category, you may wish to consider other volunteer projects
  • Pull garlic mustard garlic mustard
    • Garlic mustard is an invasive plant, which has heart-shaped leaves with scalloped edges in its first year. By the second year, it triangular tooth leaves with tiny white flowers. Crushed leaves smell like garlic. This short video from the UW Extension provides information on how to identify
    • Bag and place at edge of park near trash can or paved path


  • Volunteers will need to provide their own supplies
  • If you are interested please contact us for additional information, and if you choose to clean up your neighborhood park, please keep us informed of any work performed by emailing to let us know where and when
  • Snap and post your photos and tag us on Facebook or Instagram using #madisonparks

Thank you for staying connected with us during this challenging time. In this season of hope and renewal, we look forward to a day in the near future when we can be together outdoors.

This content is free for use with credit to Madison Parks and a link back to the original post.

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