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Managing Geese in Parks: Seeking Volunteers

May 7, 2020 4:27 PM

Volunteers are needed for the Canada Goose management program. geese 2

Madison Parks is seeking volunteers to assist with weekly counts of numbers of geese at specific parks, beaches, golf courses, and greenways in the city. Volunteers are also needed to help discourage geese from using certain locations, in order to reduce the number of geese using any one place regularly. "Hazing" would occur for 15-30 minutes daily, as needed, until a given flock moves to another site. The goal is to have less goose waste accumulate in critical areas such as beaches, basketball courts, athletic fields, bike paths, and some lawns. This will result in less goose waste, which means better water quality and a better experience for park users.

geese olin

This work will occur from now through Labor Day, at various locations around the city. Volunteers should track their hours, and numbers of geese observed or hazed.

Please contact Paul Quinlan, Conservation Resource Supervisor, at for more information on locations, and to register as a volunteer.


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