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EAB Plan Update

February 4, 2016 2:26 PM

In 2008, years before the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was discovered in Madison, the City of Madison established an EAB Taskforce. The taskforce was created to coordinate and plan various response strategies to the looming EAB threat. After numerous meetings and recommendations, the final EAB Plan was approved by Common Council and began implementation in 2014. A requirement of the plan is for the Taskforce to report annually on the EAB mitigation efforts and provide the latest research findings.

On February 2, I presented the 2015 EAB Plan Update to the Common Council. Of particular note are the known confirmed infestation locations and the upcoming preemptive removals for 2016. The good news is we are replanting street trees during April and October each year. Depending on the time of the removal and the type of tree replacement, this process can take up to three planting seasons.

What can residents do to protect ash trees in their favorite park? The Adopt-A-Park Tree program allows folks to select and protect specific ash trees that meet the treatment criteria. Learn how you can make a difference through the Adopt-A-Park Tree program.

We always appreciate the support Madison residents provide to the urban forest. That is what makes Madison so great!



Marla Eddy
City Forester

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