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Flower Garden Volunteers

Volunteer Flower Gardeners have been maintaining beautiful and colorful gardens in our community since 1986. Volunteer Flower Gardeners demonstrate an ongoing commitment to planting and long term upkeep of a flower garden in one of Madison’s Parks. At the beginning of each year, volunteer flower gardeners submit a plan and plant order for their flower garden.

List of current adopted flower gardens:

  • Period Gardens
  • Forest Hill Cemetery
  • Wexford Park
  • Westmorland Park
  • Warner Park Beach
  • Glen Oak Hills
  • Triangle Park
  • Sauk Creek
  • James Madison Park
  • Brittingham Park
  • Brittingham Boathouse
  • Reynolds Park
  • Filene Park
  • Tenney Park
  • Dixon Greenway
  • Richmond Hill
  • Nakoma Park
  • Gates of Heaven


Flower Gardener Expectations

Long-term commitment: Volunteer Flower Gardeners must agree to planting and long-term upkeep of the flower garden in a public park.  The Parks maintenance staff will not assume responsibility for the flower garden if a volunteer relinquishes their duties. 

  • Maintenance Plan: The Parks Division requires volunteers to do all of the required maintenance of the flower garden including, but not limited to: site preparation, planting, watering, weeding, mulching, and litter removal.
  • Water source: If there is not a water source near your flower garden, the volunteer is responsible for hauling water to the garden.
  • Proposals: The plan and flower order are subject to review and approval by the Parks Division staff.


Getting Started

Visit the Becoming a Flower Gardener page for more information on starting a new garden or maintaining your current garden.