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Goodman Pool

Goodman Pool Rules

For everyone's enjoyment, please follow the following safety rules and guidelines:

  1. Swim only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  2. No carry-in food or drinks allowed. Only water in non-breakable containers is allowed to be carried in. All other food must be purchased and eaten in the concession area.
  3. Obey lifeguard instructions at all times. Violation of any of the pool rules shall result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the pool facility.
  4. Children under 7 must be actively supervised (watching your child at all times and able to provide immediate assistance) by a caregiver 16 or over.
  5. Children 5 years of age and older must use the same sex locker room. Family changing rooms are available.
  6. You should not enter the pool area if you have an open cut or communicable disease.
  7. Infants and toddlers that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  8. No alcohol, smoking, tobacco products or drugs allowed.
  9. Glass containers of any kind are not allowed.
  10. Inflatables- such as inner tubes, water wings, swimsuits with built in flotation are not allowed in the pool.
  11. Lifejackets are allowed if they are Coast Guard approved Type 1 or 2 lifejackets.
  12. Any child wearing a lifejacket must be supervised by a parent and within arms’ reach in the shallow end only.
  13. Soft, clean, unbreakable toys are allowed in shallow end. Use of some toys may be restricted for the patrons’ safety.
  14. One 15 minute safety break is scheduled each afternoon with all patrons exiting the water.
  15. All patrons are expected to respect the rights and privileges of others.
  16. Voices shall be kept at normal conversation levels.
  17. Electronic devices are strictly forbidden in the pool area.
  18. The pool is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Lockers are provided next to the changing facility.
  19. Any patron using derogative or racially inappropriate language toward another patron or staff member will be removed from the facilty.
  20. The pool may be closed for maintenance, health conditions, or due to inclement weather.
  21. Carry-in chairs are not permitted. Deck chairs are provided.
  22. Pool Closing Policy – The pool will be closed under the following circumstances:
    • If the air temperature is below 69* at opening (12:30 or 6:15)  or attendance is less than 50 paid admissions
    • If rain prevents the lifeguards from seeing the bottom of the pool
    • If there has been rain, thunder or lightening for a period of one hour and the storm is projected to continue
    • Mechanical breakdown
    • The Goodman Pool cannot meet the state codes for the safety, maintenance and operation of pools and water attractions.