Westmorland Park Courts Sport Tile System

Last Updated: 03/22/2023

Earlier this season, the courts at Westmorland Park received a maintenance round of crack and depression filling, new sport court surface and dual-striping for both tennis and pickleball play.

Prior to this year's maintenance work, the courts at Westmorland were in very rough shape and had been for several years following their last round of repair, in 2017.  The work in 2017 was the 4th round of maintenance crack and depression filling, following two attempts to repair the asphalt with mill & overlay work in 1980 and 1987, with each round of work resulting in diminishing returns.  Unfortunately, the age and condition of the courts at Westmorland are somewhat common within the City of Madison Parks system (which was heavily built out for neighborhood tennis play in the late 1970s and early 1980s) and the budget cannot accommodate the full rebuild of the all of the courts that now require it.

The city contracted with Fred Kolkmann Associates in 2021 to conduct assessments of several court locations within the system, with the recommendation that the courts at Westmorland could be improved in a more lasting and satisfactory manner with the addition of a tile system overlay.  Tile system overlays are a floating playing surface installed directly on top of the existing asphalt court surface following a maintenance repair round and can be expected to provide 10 or more years of satisfactory play.

The courts at Westmorland will receive the SportCourt tile system later this fall as a means to further extend their playable life until such time as Parks might be able to fit a full reconstruction project into its budget to rebuild the courts entirely.  The SportCourt tile system will also be dual-striped for both tennis and pickleball play.

Photograph of the cracks at Westmorland Park courts prior to maintenance repair work
Photograph of the courts at Westmorland Park in June 2022 prior to maintenance repair work