Sunday • August 11 • 2024 | 10am to 2pm

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Imagine thousands of happy people passing by your cart, display or activity. Ride the Drive is a great place to showcase your product, business or service. 

Be Part of the Action 

We have two options for you to get in on the action. Be a vendor or exhibitor in one of the six park hubs or set up a display or table, if your business is located along or near the route. Both options have the potential to attract and engage with thousands of happy people. As a bonus, we're making this super affordable and waiving most vendor fees. 

All vendors and exhibitors must register in advance. Select the option that works best for you - either Park Hub or Route. Go to the steps to create an account or register directly by selecting the registration button and signing into your existing account.  

Park Hub Vendor or Exhibitor
Each of the six park hubs offers all-ages activities, food, entertainment and more! Showcase your non-profit organization or business. Consider offering a fun, family-friendly activity. Park Hub vendors and exhibitors are provided with a designated space without electricity. See the map for hub locations.

Park Hub Registration

Along & Near the Route 
Are you a brick-and-mortar business located along or near the route? Here are a few ideas to maximize your business during RTD.

  • Decorate outside your business and offer a RTD Special 
  • Setup a table or display rack and sell your products
  • Display and sell your art; set up a make-and-take craft table
  • Sell food and alcohol-free beverages (may require a permit*)

Route Registration 

*Some activities, such as selling food may require a permit, which is determined after registering.  

Steps to Create an Account

  1. Select Create Account 
  2. Answer all required questions. 

    NOTE Organizations: Enter your personal name in the First Name and Last Name boxes. Use the organization's details in the remaining questions and fill out the Organization Name box. 

  3. Click Save when you've completed the form.
  4. Remember your Household Number (top right) for future account help.

Steps to Register as a Vendor

  1. Select location: Park Hub Registration or Route Registration
  2. Click the box next to your vendor location option. 
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click Add to Cart.
  4. Fill in all the questions. Asterisk (*) questions are required.
  5. Read the waiver carefully, click the box next to "I Agree with the Above," and click Continue.
  6. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  7. Fill in all the questions; the ones with a red asterisk (*) are required.
  8. Click Continue
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