Madison is home to over 260 unique parks, which residents and visitors of our city enjoy every single day. They vary in size and shape; they're housed in a multitude of neighborhoods featuring wide arrays of amenities, some quite simple and others more complex. But there is one constant that bounds all of these parks together in commonality, and it's this intangible element that provides a most important and beautiful sense of unity-Memories. Madison Parks have created and continue to inspire memories for all, generation after generation.

Great memories in Madison Parks last forever - You can help us make sure the parks do too!

All funds raised by the Madison Parks Foundation go above and beyond taxpayer dollars in an effort to take our parks from great to outstanding!

We use proceeds to create accessible playgrounds, plant trees, host & support many free community events, conserve local wildlife and institute scholarships which give children the opportunity to learn to golf, ice skate, swim, fish, bird watch, skateboard, and so much more. The Madison Parks Foundation will be there along the way to ensure that our parks, their amenities and the programming that takes place will not only continue, but improve and progress because of the support of people like you.

We hope that you would consider a tax deductible gift to the Madison Parks Foundation. To donate, visit: Gift

For more information, visit Madison Parks Foundation.