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Aerial Image of Judge Doyle Square

Aerial Image of Judge Doyle Square

The City of Madison, home to the State of Wisconsin Capitol, University of Wisconsin, and Dane County, is at the center of the State's fastest growing region. Continually recognized by many national organizations for a wide variety of quality of life awards and rankings, the Madison region offers easy, affordable living, making it a prime choice for businesses and employees alike. With growing diversity among its population, the Madison region fosters a culture of openness, dialogue and energy, and offers a vital and dynamic workforce, the result of an outstanding education system, a diverse economy and successful partnerships between the public and private sectors.

At the heart of the region is downtown Madison. It is unlike any other in the world. In his 1911 Madison: A Model City, renowned city planner John Nolen said, "Madison is one of the most striking examples that could be selected in the United States of a city which should have a distinct individuality, marked by characteristics separating it from and many respects elevating it above other cities."

The Downtown serves as Madison's signature. It is the geographic, economic, and civic heart of the community. When people think of Madison, images of the Downtown and its unique isthmus setting often drive their impressions. It is the place where the community comes together, especially for the many events it hosts and the abundant activities it provides.

Downtown Madison has experienced a renaissance over the past twenty years. A new Downtown Plan was adopted by the City in 2012 that sets the stage for that momentum to continue. It proposes a framework to continue to enhance the qualities that make Madison a world class city.

Successful downtowns are comfortable, but at the same time, exciting, fun, and places of continual discovery. Successful downtowns spend considerable resources planning for and working towards a desired future. This includes identifying and building on the things that work well, while recognizing and seizing new opportunities that will keep Downtown fresh and dynamic. Downtown Madison today is much different than the city John Nolen knew, but the natural features that provide the unique setting that so enamored Nolen continue to be the cornerstones influencing its evolution.

It is within this context that the City of Madison is pursuing an exciting new development opportunity known as Judge Doyle Square in the heart of the city's central business district. Judge Doyle Square is a two-block area in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. It is the site of the Madison Municipal Building (MMB) (Block 88), Government East (GE) parking garage (Block 105) and has been identified by the city as a location with significant redevelopment potential. (See map at right)