Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative

The Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI) is a Smart Policing initiative that seeks to refer persons who overdose or are stopped for low-level, victimless offenses and offer them a referral to medication-assisted and behavioral drug treatment as an alternative to jail. No charges will be filed as long as the client meets program requirements as of six months after the incident. Absence of a criminal record improves clients' abilities to obtain housing and employment.

About MARI

The MARI program began on September 1, 2017. In the first 12 months, 13 participants completed 6 months in the program and 20 were actively pursuing completion.

Who is eligible?

The MARI program targets Dane County residents who committed a non-violent, low-level crime that is connected to their addiction. People on probation are not eligible.

Immediate Access, Regardless of Insurance

MARI participants have quick access to the services they need, from individual outpatient therapy to medication assisted therapy to group therapy with peer mentors and family programs, we can help.


Participants are referred to Connections Counseling to complete assessment. Upon assessment they are assigned to a recovery coach who will assist the MARI participant in developing and following through with a personal plan of what recovery looks like for them. The recovery coach acts as a bridge between treatment agencies and the recovery community by helping them find additional support by going to meetings and/or other outside support groups.

Types of Support:

  • Recovery Coaches
  • Personalized Recovery Plans
  • Connections with the Recovering Community
  • Support for 6 months


Self referrals can call Dane County Human Services. This is for people who are not facing a MARI-related charges and want to get help.

  • (608) 242‑6437

MARI Operations Team

UW Family Medicine and Community Health
Public Health Madison & Dane County
Safe Communities
Dane County Human Services
Kim Hurd with Connections Counseling
Kim Hurd

(608) 233‑2100 extension 2017

Strategies for Policing Innovation

The Strategies for Policing Innovation initiative is a collaborative effort among the Bureau of Justice Assistance, national training and technical assistance partners, state and local law enforcement agencies, and researchers. It is designed to assist agencies with identifying innovative and evidence-based solutions to effectively and efficiently tackle chronic crime problems in their jurisdictions.