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Police Incident Reports A Selection of Noteworthy Incident Reports

Incidents listed are selected by the Officer In Charge of each shift that may have significant public interest. Incidents listed are not inclusive of all incidents. To view Calls for Services information, please visit Requests for information can be directed to the MPD Records Unit: (608) 266-4075.

Incident Report for Case #2020-275670

Incident Type


Incident Date

07/28/2020 - 3:11 PM


E. Main St. (Capitol Square)


     "Diamond" was a recently acquired pet, and on the shoulder of the owner's friend, being petted, when the crime went down on the Capitol Square last Tuesday. The woman from whose shoulder "Diamond" was snatched could not believe "a man could punch a woman like that and steal her lizard."
     He did not punch the witness, but he did assault "Diamond's" owner, when she tried get her seven-inch bearded dragon back. The suspect wanted nothing of it, and witnesses said he struck the victim multiple times in the face before getting in a car, with "Diamond," and taking off.
     When police arrived, the victim had a cut above an eye. It was bleeding profusely. She said this was no stranger assault, that the suspect is an old acquaintance.   
     Both share an interest in the popular pet reptiles, which tend to be gentle and inquisitive, and are often called "beardies." Like dragons, they have an armor of spiny scales, or beards, under their chins that can puff up, depending on mood.
     On Thursday, the investigating officer received information that the suspect, Samuel J. Scott, age 26, Madison, had been arrested by McFarland Police and was now in the Dane County Jail.
     The officer went there for an interview. Scott did not deny taking "Diamond" or striking the victim, but he did want to communicate additional details. He indicated the victim owed him a bearded dragon because he had one, "Zilla," that had died while being cared for by the victim and her boyfriend.
     The victim's boyfriend later told the officer that "Zilla" had in fact been in their care and was now deceased, but it was nothing intentional. They are both very fond of bearded dragons.
     Scott was tentatively charged with several crimes including battery, disorderly conduct, and theft.
     He would not say where the stolen reptile might be, and the case of "Diamond," the missing bearded dragon, continues.

Released 08/04/2020 at 12:59 PM by PIO Joel Despain

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